About Kibondeni

Our Mission

To provide women with an all-round formation which will enable them be excellent professionals of high integrity in the service of society through the hospitality industry.

Our Vision

To be a center of excellence in hospitality training, contributing in this way to the wellbeing of persons and the transformation of society through the improved quality of life at all levels.

Our Story

Kibondeni College of Catering and Hospitality Management is a project of Nurisha Trust (an offshoot of Kianda Foundation) committed to the education and welfare of women in Kenya.
It began in 1961 as an in-service catering training school. In 1969 Kibondeni School of Institutional Management was authorized to issue its own certificates at the end of the training, thus becoming an educational institution in its own right. Kibondeni aims primarily at improving the standards of living of young women from low income families equipping them with the knowledge, skills and attitudes to enable them to secure employment to meet their needs and those of their families and make them self-reliant.
Throughout the courses, emphasis is laid on character training, spirit of service and the importance of professional work for the development of the person and the country.

Our Shield

A shield symbolizes the aims and hopes of the institution which it represents, and in the case of Kibondeni, it represents the countless young women who have learnt to serve others with joy and generosity, ready to transform any environment where people live or spend their time of rest and leisure into “bright and cheerful homes”. These words, have been at all times like the “guiding light” that directed and lit up the path Kibondeni has followed.

KIBONDENI: Kibondeni is a Kiswahili word meaning a small valley where the youthful hopes of its students would find their fulfillment in a profession of service.
The Silver Star is the guiding star of happiness that we all desire and can only find when seeking it for others.
The bright blue background symbolizes the beauty that the woman is privileged to create around her with her work and dedication.
The red stripe joins the hope of the valley with the fulfillment of the sky; because dreams and hopes only become realities when the task is undertaken with courage and a generous heart.